Educators as responsive leaders: Knowing, Believing, Connecting.

Message from the School of Education

Our vision for teacher preparation and school leadership in the School of Education begins with our conception of P-12 schools in the 21st century. It is argued that the single most important factor in improving the quality of education is linked to the increased general and professional preparation of teachers and administrators. P-12 educators need to be increasingly effective in enabling a diverse group of students to learn complex material and to develop a wider range of skills. Those who complete this program become lifelong learners with the basic skills necessary to lead full and rewarding lives in an interdependent society and an information and service driven economy. The power of educators to make this fundamental difference in students’ lives makes education the most important social service.

The School of Education at CSU Channel Islands builds from the foundations of the undergraduate Liberal Studies option in Teaching and Learning, the undergraduate Early Childhood Studies program and academic majors in biology, English, mathematics, history and social studies (subject matter programs), and extends to the Masters of Arts in Education. Our programs contribute to the education profession by producing teachers and school administrators who believe that all students have the ability to achieve high standards, who adapt their teaching to reach all students, and who respect the diversity of all students. Our graduates are reflective about their teaching, their attitudes, and their ability to work in collaborative analytical teams.

We are especially proud of how our School of Education prepares educators for a variety of roles as teachers, school leaders and instructional designers. Our faculty holds students to high standards to assure that they are well prepared, and they provide a supportive and cohesive learning environment with meaningful opportunities to practice in educational settings in schools and the community. As a result, our programs have a distinctive reputation for quality, and our graduates are highly regarded by their employers as being well prepared for their positions as teachers and educational leaders.

We encourage you to join us in becoming the innovators and change agents that are vital to the educational success of generations to come!

School of Education Faculty and Staff