Can I find my own placement for field experience?

No, placements are handled by the Field Placement Office only.

I substitute teach, can my field experience be waived?

Field experience cannot be waived. In your prerequisite classes and method classes you will have assignments that need to be accomplished in a classroom. Some may be ongoing and you may need to follow specific students all semester. That is why a substitute position does not work.

Can I be placed at my child's school?

From past experience, we have determined that it is not in the best interest of your child or you professionally to be placed in a school where your son or daughter is attending.

What is the difference between traditional and co-teaching placements?

Traditional placements follow the University calendar beginning and ending dates and you are placed in two different school sites for each semester.

The co-teaching placement begins prior to the start of the University calendar. The student teacher is matched with a co-teacher for the fall and spring semester where they work together as a team. Co-teaching only starts in the fall semesters.