Ambar Zendejas, Former Mini Corps Student

California Mini Corps was a unique experience. Through this program I was given various opportunities to connect with students, teachers and administrators from different school sites. As a tutor for California Mini Corps I gained new knowledge and insight as to how I can better prepare myself to become the best role model for students. As a future teacher, this program allowed me explore the field with guidance and support from our coordinator. Mini Corps allowed me to gain hands on experience and fall in love with helping students strive for their educational success. With a focus in providing services to migrant students and families this program allowed me to genuinely feel like I was making a difference in students’ lives. Working alongside colleagues with the same passion for teaching made this experience that much more meaningful and enjoyable. Mini corps provided me with valuable trainings, workshops and professional development that have all prepared me to enter the teaching profession.

Miriam Escobedo, Former Mini Corps Student

I did not know it then but being a Mini Corps Tutor was preparing me for the credential program. It definitely helped me handle the rigor that is being a full time student and a student teacher. As a tutor I learned a lot about what it takes to be a teacher and their responsibilities. While being a tutor, I was responsible for assessing my assigned students and coming up with plans to help them reach a target goal. That involved drafting many lesson plans and creative ways to engage students with the content while being observed by my coordinator. Student teaching in the credential program is the same process and I was very prepared and confident in being in the classroom and teaching whole class lessons. After every visit, my coordinator provided valuable feedback that I then implemented on my next lesson, just like my supervisor did during the credential program. Getting accepted and going through the credential program was made possible thanks to the experiences I lived as a Mini Corps Tutor. Being a part of Mini Corps confirmed my passion for working with students in academic areas as well as building relationships with students and faculty.

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