May 17, 2021 - The School of Education at CSUCI is proud to have several faculty members present at the Ventura County Office of Education (VCOE) Conference on Equity in May.

A team of five SoE faculty (Talya Drescher, Mari Riojas-Cortez, Lorna Gonzalez, Danna Lomax, Lauren Chase) will describe the ways in which the teaching and credential programs are advancing diversity and equity in this particular moment. They will unpack the use of Simpact - a simulated classroom technology platform - to illustrate how the SoE is using avatars to train future teachers about the benefits of bilingual education, the value of generations of cultural wealth that can be sustained through language retention, and by specifically addressing the ability to communicate effectively with multilingual families and care givers.

The VCOE Conference on Equity will take place on Monday, May 24, 2021, from 2:00 – 5:00 pm. The free virtual event will include workshops focusing on “diversity, equity, and inclusion practiced for marginalized students” as well as community networking opportunities.

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