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The Collaborative Online Doctorate in Educational Leadership (CODEL) program is a joint Ed.D. program offered by Fresno State University and CSU Channel Islands. The CODEL program is dedicated to enriching and supporting leaders who are devoting their lives to social justice and democracy in and through education.

To learn more about the CODEL program, please visit the CODEL website.

Contact Us

Dr. Gary W. Kinsey
CODEL Director
Email: gary.kinsey@csuci.edu
Phone: (805) 437-2002 or (559) 278-1127

Dr. Charles Weis
CSU Channel Islands Co-Director
Email: charles.weis@csuci.edu
Phone: (805) 437-2060


Fresno State
Tiffany Jennings
Administrative Support Analyst II (Fresno State)
Email: tijennings@csufresno.edu
Phone: (559) 278-0455

Dr. Tracy Smith
Program Facilitator
Email: trsmith@mail.fresnostate.edu
Phone: (559) 278-0427

CSU Channel Islands
Dr. Kim Infinger
Program Support Coordinator
Email: kim.infinger@csuci.edu
Phone: (805) 437-2002

Dr. Lorna Gonzalez
Instructional Designer
Email: lorna.gonzalez@csuci.edu
Phone: (805) 437-3950


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