Many factors are taken into consideration when reviewing applications and determining grant amounts. These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • The availability of funding;
  • The nature and/or urgency of the financial need;
  • The applicant’s previous requests for support funds.

Expenses eligible for SoE Student Support Funds:

  • Student teaching needs
    • Materials for classroom activities or projects
    • Supplemental curricular resources (books or online fee materials)
  • Life-needs-related expenditures (documentation may be uploaded to the application)
    • Personal financial needs
      • Rent/gas/transportation/car repairs etc…
  • Unforeseen medical costs
  • Education Related Fees
    • Credential fees
    • Application fees
    • Exam fees
    • Test Preparation Fees
    • Textbook fees

Expenses NOT eligible for SoE Student Support Funds:

  • Penalties, fines, parking, or other tickets
  • Nonessential expenses
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