Program Overview

The Internship Program is an alternative pathway to earning a California Teaching Credential. When qualified teachers are not available, school districts often search for an individual who has either partially completed a credential program and shows great promise of being highly successful or an individual who has the subject matter competence, experience, and maturity to learn the craft of teaching while being paid as the teacher of record for a class. Through a partnership between the school district and the School of Education, interns complete a state-approved, CSU Channel Islands professional education program.

Please Note: As is the case with all California teacher preparation programs, the School of Education is not involved in finding internship positions for its students. If you are interested in the Intern Option, you are responsible for securing employment in a public school setting and communicating with the Credential Services Office regarding the requirements listed below. If you have secured a job, and are qualified to be an Intern in one of the programs listed below, you will need to file for an Intern credential with the Credential Services Office.

Intern Programs Available:

  • Single Subject (Math, Social Science, English and Science)
  • Education Specialist-Mild/Moderate

Important Information

Intern Eligibility Requirements