In order to be considered for admission into a credential program, you must complete the required Cal State Apply online application and upload required documentation by the deadline. Incomplete applications will not be processed. However, CBEST and CSET deadlines have been extended due to cancellations resulting from COVID-19 (see below).

All candidates must complete the Basic Skills Requirement (CBEST) prior to entering the credential program. The application process and deadlines vary for those who have completed prerequisite courses versus newcomers to the School of Education. Please see our Application Guides to determine the specific process for your situation. Deadlines are indicated below. Advising appointments with the Clinical Experiences and Partnerships Office (CEPO) are available through the CEPO website. For additional information please attend an information session, dates can be found to the left or contact the Clinical Experiences and Partnerships Office.

We recognize that social circumstances around the COVID19 outbreak have caused delays for applicants to take and pass the CSET Exam. New Guidance from the CSU Chancellor’s Office permits us to offer the following extensions:

  • Passing scores on the CBEST and CSET will no longer be required prior to the May 1stApplication Deadline;
  • The CBEST must be passed prior to the start of Fall Semester;
  • We strongly encourage all applicants to demonstrate subject matter competency (passing scores on CSET or completion of subject matter requirements) prior to the start of Fall 2020;
  • If applicants are unable pass the CSET or complete subject matter requirements prior to the start of the Fall 2020 semester, they must: a) Complete all required subject matter courses prior to Spring 2020; or, b) Show that they are enrolled in the next available CSET exam date.
  • Candidates must pass the CSET before they are eligible to engage in solo student teaching during fieldwork. Candidates cannot pass advanced student teaching without engaging in solo student teaching. Therefore, candidates who do not pass the CSET prior to the end of Fall Semester risk failing student teaching in the Spring semester, and are not guaranteed to complete the credential program.

Information Sessions: Upcoming Information sessions have been postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please make an individual Calendly appointment with a credential counselor to find out more about our programs.  Credential Counselor information can be found on the CEPO Website.

OPEN NOW, March 3rd - May 1st!
Applications for admission into our Phase II Credential Student Teaching courses in Fall 2020. 

If you are a current student in the prerequisite phase of the credential program (not current seniors), you must complete a Qualtrics application for full admission to the student teaching phase of the program. This application is available for current prerequisite students only at the following link and is due May 1st:

If you have never applied to our credential programs through Cal State Apply, you must use the link below.

Cal State Apply application for newcomers (including current seniors) seeking full admission to credential programs

Applicants seeking full admission to the credential programs who have completed the prerequisite courses and all other requirements for student teaching in the credential program, but who have never applied to our program through Cal State Apply, must complete the application by clicking the "Apply to Credential Programs" button below:
Deadline for this application is May 1st, 2020.

Graduate Programs Admission Information

Fall Admission Only

Applications open: December 2, 2019
*Priority Deadline: April 15, 2020
All applications are due: June 1, 2020

More information:

M.A. Education (Curriculum & Instruction and Disability Studies)
M.A. Educational Leadership (P-12 and Administrative Services Credential)

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