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CBEST and CSET Requirements Update!

The California Legislature has recently approved new ways to meet the Basic Skills Requirement (CBEST) and the Subject Matter Requirement (CSET).

More details can be found on our Application Guides

Fall 2022 applications deadlines:

  • Graduate Programs application due April 15, 2022 (priority deadline) or June 1, 2022
  • Credential Prerequisites (Phase I) applications CLOSED
  • Credential Program (Phase II) applications CLOSED

PLEASE NOTE: In order for an application to be considered, it must be submitted by the deadline with ALL application requirements (including exam scores). Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Please see our application guides for the most updated information about our admissions requirements.

Virtual advising appointments can be requested with the credential counselors in the Clinical Experiences and Partnerships Office (CEPO) are available through the CEPO website

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

Admission to the Credential Programs will be described here, while admissions to Graduate Programs will be described below (scroll down). Admission to a credential program involves a range of requirements that must be met prior to being admitted.

The first thing you should know is that our Multiple Subject (elementary), Single Subject (secondary) and Education Specialist (mild to moderate special education) programs have two distinct phases: Phase I (prerequisite courses); and Phase II (student teaching and methods courses). The application type and requirements depend on which phase you are entering, and whether you will be an undergraduate (ITEP), post-bac Phase I, or post-bac phase II applicant. Applicants must complete Phase I prior to moving on to Phase II. Application Guides on the right provide more detail on admissions procedures and requirements, and you can also make an appointment with one of our credential counselors for detailed information on requirements.

There are a range of pathways into our programs:

Credential Program- Phase I (Prerequisites):

  • Newcomers who will complete their undergraduate degree , but have not completed Phase I (prerequisites) prior to entering the program, must apply for conditional admission to our credential program in order to enter the prerequisite phase as post-bac (graduate) students. This application is done through Cal State Apply. (Note: Upon completion of Phase I, these conditionally admitted candidates must meet all additional requirements and apply internally to be fully admitted for Phase II- Student Teaching.)

Credential Program- Phase II (Full Credential):

  • Students who have completed Phase I (prerequisites) as part of their undergraduate studies, and will enter the credential program after they complete their undergraduate degree, must apply directly to Phase II as post-bac (graduate) students. This application is done through Cal State Apply.

ITEP (Integrated Credential for Undergraduates):

  • More recently we have added an integrated track for specific Liberal Studies students (ITEP): These students complete Phase I and other requirements prior to their senior year, and they are admitted to Phase II of the credential program at the end of their junior year. This option is available only to current CSUCI undergraduate students. These students complete Phase II (Full Credential) in the senior year of their undergraduate studies. This application is completed internally through the Liberal Studies Program.

Credential Applications:

  • Fall 2022 Entry into Student Teaching (Full Credential) - CLOSED
  • Fall 2022 Entry into Prerequisite Coursework (Prerequisite Phase) - CLOSED

Notice to Students Regarding Professional Licensure and Certification

Graduate Programs Admission Information

Applications for Fall 2022 open: December 1, 2021
*Priority Deadline: April 15, 2022
All applications are due: June 1, 2022

More information:

Notice to Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Seekers/Current Students Regarding Professional Licensure and Certification

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