Demi Brown, recipient of the Barbara Meister Teaching Scholarship is seeking a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. After receiving her teaching credential, Demi hopes to continue working with elementary school children in Ventura County. Demi grew up in this community and would be honored to continue investing in the lives of children here. She is passionate about helping students discover their unique gifts and grow in confidence in their abilities. Demi loves teaching lessons that involve teamwork and collaboration, where kids bring together their individual strengths to problem-solve and accomplish a goal. She is so grateful to those who made this scholarship possible. After receiving her bachelor’s degree, Demi waited five years to pursue a teaching credential, partially due to finances. She did not know if she would be able to afford returning to school and was not sure how she would make ends meet this year. Receiving this scholarship has taken a huge weight off her shoulders and enabled her to focus on classes and student teaching without having to worry about finances.

The Barbara Meister Teaching Scholarship provides support to undergraduate or credential students who plan to pursue a teaching career.

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