Jasmine Mearns, recipient of the Barbara Meister Teaching Scholarship hopes to become an elementary school teacher in Ventura County after graduating from CSUCI. She would love to work with students anywhere from first grade to sixth, but her preferred grade level would probably be first grade. She really enjoys teaching first graders because they are finally starting to love school, they realize that school is where they get to see all of their friends and their trusted adults. There is so much for them to learn, and it truly opens the world of possibilities. After she teaches for a while, hopefully about twenty years, she wants to get her degree in Administration and become a principal. Receiving this scholarship means Jasmine can attend CSUCI as an out-of-state student while not creating a massive financial burden. This scholarship allows her to experience different cultures and lifestyles, while being able to pursue a teaching career. Not only does the scholarship help her personal life, but because she is new to California, this financial support can allow her to become aware of life outside of her small hometown and to use that awareness to ultimately become a better teacher and person in her everyday life.

The Barbara Meister Teaching Scholarship provides support to undergraduate or credential students who plan to pursue a teaching career.

For more information about School of Education scholarship opportunities, visit: https://education.csuci.edu/soe-scholarships.htm.

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