Lora McManus-Graham, M.A., class of 2020, is featured in the National Association of Independent Schools Fall 2020 Magazine. McManus-Graham’s article, Women of Color in Headships: Uncovering Experiences of Discrimination and Microaggressions, was developed as an extension of her thesis work during her graduate studies at CSUCI. McManus-Graham honors the stories of 12 women of color and sheds light on their experiences with gender and race-based microaggressions. McManus writes, “As a woman of color and an aspiring head myself, this research was intrinsically personal and professionally humbling.” To read the full article, visit: https://www.nais.org/magazine/independent-school/fall-2020/women-of-color-in-headships-uncovering-experiences-of-discrimination-and-microaggressions/


McManus-Graham is the PK-12 chair of equity and instruction at The Blake School in Minneapolis, Minnesota. To learn more about her thesis work, visit: http://nais.org/mcmanus.

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