Rachael Ball, Ronald Mack Adams scholarship awardee, is an English and Performing Arts major seeking a Single Subject English Credential. Her goal is to work as a high school English and Drama teacher.

“My educational journey has been a long one for me. As a young mother, I placed my education on hold to raise a family of three kids. My oldest son is now a sailor in the US Navy, the other two are exceptional youths doing well in high school. Now, I have focused once more on my dreams and goals,” she stated. “My experiences as a parent, rigorous studies, and passion for life-long learning will be an asset I will utilize as I finally step into a classroom.”

In addition to her goal of becoming a high school teacher, Rachael also hopes to use her passion for English and theatre to make a difference in her community. “I look forward to inspiring generations of youth to embrace literature and writing, passing on a love of theater, and making an impact in the lives of my students,” she added. “One day I hope to create and run a theater program for LGBTQ+ students and allies to create art, to educate, heal, and inform.”

The Ronald Mack Adams scholarship has helped Racheal have the financial relief she needed to be able to focus on her studies and flourish in her educational journey. “As a young mom, who has struggled financially, it is an immense relief to reach my educational goals! I have worked hard to thrive in my education, and it is validating to see others take notice,” she said. “Thank you all so much for all of the aid you give students to continue reaching their dreams!”

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