Kayla Spitsen, recipient of the Ronald Mack Adams Teaching Scholarship is seeking a Single Subject Teaching Credential in English. Kayla’s aspiration is to become a high school English Language Arts teacher and teach 10th grade English. She believes it is an essential year for honing reading and analytical skills. Kayla has had a passion for reading and writing her entire life and wants to share this passion with high school students. She wants to introduce students to engaging (newer) novels and texts and teach how we can discover deeper meaning. She also wants to teach students that writing is not as scary as it appears to be-it can be an insightful and cathartic experience! Her teaching goal is to lead a classroom that is creative and collaborative, where students can find interests and see themselves in content, concepts, and curriculum. Kayla believes that if teachers make learning relatable and fun, indelible and rewarding experiences will occur in the classroom. She believes it is important to teach students the writing process and literary analysis and how to become ethical and giving members of society. She is incredibly grateful for this scholarship as it will help her pursue her dreams of becoming an educator. With this scholarship, her goals are materializing as she supports herself during her student teaching.

The Ronald Mack Adams Scholarship, created by his wife Dr. Jeanne Adams, provides assistance to Ventura County High School graduates who are college seniors graduating from CSUCI with a degree in English or a foreign language and are enrolled or plan to be enrolled in CSUCI’s School of Education teaching credential program

For more information about School of Education scholarship opportunities, visit: https://education.csuci.edu/soe-scholarships.htm.

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