Luz HerreraCSUCI Associate Professor of Bilingual Education, Dr. Luz Yadira Herrera, and middle school teacher, Dr. Carla España, have authored a new collection of books designed to empower translanguaging in K-12 classrooms. The collection is entitled “Translanguaging Collections: Affirming Bilingual and Multilingual Learners”. There are 6 different series, each with 15 books and lesson plans to accompany them. They range from picture books to books for young adults. Dr. Herrera created these with four essential principles of translanguaging in mind:

  • Ongoing self-reflection on our ideas around language
  • Unlearning harmful language hierarchies
  • Examining the world through a lens that shows how literacy, language, and power intersects
  • Celebrating children and youths’ dynamic use of language, or translanguaging.

These books also encourage kids to tell their own stories, allowing them to make connections within their own lives. Dr. Herrera’s passion for bilingual and multilingual literacy lives within this series. If you would like to learn more about these books and how you can purchase them, visit here.

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