The Via ePortfolio system allows students to create online portfolios to showcase their learning and share with employers. It also offers faculty more effective ways to develop courses, provide timely feedback to students, and engage students in the learning process while providing a means of collecting and assessing student work.

Students upload their work to Via and create ePortfolios, faculty evaluate student work and provide formative feedback, and the institution measures student achievement of key learning outcomes.

Via for Students

Logging in

  • Go to and log in using your myCI login.
  • When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to accept the licensing agreement and then change your password.
  • If you want to keep your usual myCI password, you can change your password back. Clicking your name in the top right corner, then select Settings. Select Password to change your password. Use the back button below the Via logo in the upper left to return to the home page.

How to Guides

Via for Faculty

Logging in

  • Go to vialivetext and log in using your myCI email address and your myCI email password.

How To Guides

  • Group Owner (Instructor) User Guide

    Who is this Guide for? This guide is intended for LiveText via™ users who will act as group owners. A group owner manages a group, which can include creating templates and activities, building rubrics for assessment, and completing assessments of group members. Often in the academic field, a group owner is the instructor of a course, group members are students, and a group is a course. This guide provides to group owners general information regarding navigation, various features and abilities, and common tasks. Additional user guides are available covering the setup or implementation of other advanced features.

  • Overview (Video)
  • How To: Creating Rubrics
    This guide covers creating rubrics, tying rubrics to standards (such as ILOs or CIDA Standards), and copying rubrics.
  • How To: Auto Filling Rubrics
    This guide covers the auto-fill feature, which provides the ability to automatically complete a rubric based on the scoring of the components of the Activity Template.
  • How To: Scoring [an Activity] Template
    This guide uses the term “Template” to mean Activity Template. This guide covers how to add scoring to an Template and how to score student work submitted for an Activity created using that Template.
  • How To: Using the Document Viewer
    This guide covers how to use the Document Viewer feature to view submitted files directly in Via (without having to open Word, Acrobat, or another application).
  • How To: Via Reports Guide
    This guide covers reporting options for both instructors (Group Owners) and administrators.
  • How To: Create a Showcase (Video)
  • How To: Create a Timeline of Events (Video)

Help and Support

Watermark provides support by email at and by phone at 800-311-5656 on Monday-Thursday 5am-6pm, Friday 5am-4pm, and Sunday 2-7pm (Pacific).


View the School of Education’s current accreditation website and all applicable documentation.

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