The application process and deadlines vary depending upon the type of credential applicant (please see the below information).

Which application guide should I use? 

Unsure if you would be applying to Phase I or Phase II? You may use the following button for guidance: View our Credential Pathways PDF

General Program Information

All prospective students are encouraged to attend an Credential Information Session to learn about teacher credentialing, program format & the application process/ admission requirements.  

Candidates who have a bachelor’s degree and still needing to complete prerequisite coursework may complete coursework by either:

  1. Applying for conditional admission into Phase I
  2. Taking prerequisite courses during the Fall/Spring via Open University
  3. Taking prerequisite courses during the summer via Extended University.

**All credential prerequisite courses must be passed with a C or better.

Candidates that have completed/completing credential prerequisites during undergraduate studies or via open/extended university: must apply for full admission into Phase II (student teaching). 

  • Credential prerequisite courses may still be in progress at the time of application.
  • All credential prerequisites must be passed with a C or better prior to the start of Phase II of the program in the Fall.
  • Application Guide: Senior_Full_Credential

Current admitted Phase I students preparing to advance to Phase II: must apply for full admission into Phase II (student teaching).

ITEP Juniors who have completed prerequisite courses before entering the program, and hope to complete the ITEP program in their senior year:this is a competitive process, and this type of student must be admitted to the ITEP program through an internal application process. 

  • Please contact the Coordinator of Liberal Studies for information about applying for Phase II (student teaching).
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