Timeline of CSUCI's Early Childhood Center
Spring 2012Project Visa funded a research project to explore the need for childcare and dependent adult care for CI students.
Fall 2012Project Vista published the results of the Family Needs Assessment.
Spring 2013Plans for an education and care center were explored with a group of individuals representing each campus division. The Student and Faculty Caregivers website was published.
February 2019Reiter Affiliated Companies Community Solutions Report and Community Childcare Report Executive Summary are published.
Spring 2019An initial white paper is drafted to inform stakeholders about the need for equitable access to a child care facility to serve the region's families and provide opportunities for student and faculty research.
April 2019Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin submits a letter of support for state funding for the development of a child care center on the CSUCI campus. CSUCI Office of the President develops a Concept Business Plan for the Early Childhood Education Center.
June 2019Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin works to secure state funding for crucial Ventura County programs including $5 million dollars for the infrastructure and site development of a pilot child care center on the CSUCI campus.
November 2019November 2019 CSUCI is presented with a check for $5 million dollars for the Early Childhood Education Center during the inaugural "Channel Your Network" speaker series event.
March 2020President Erica D. Beck updates the community on the status of the Early Childhood Education Center during her annual State of the University Address.
March 2020CSUCI conducts a campus Child Care Needs assessment survey.
April 2020April 2020 CSUCI conducts a feasibility study for the Early Childhood Education Center.
June 2020CSUCI receives letter of support from Mr. Joe Mendoza, Director of Special Populations Educational Support Department for the Ventura County Office of Education
October 2020The Early Childhood Education Center Feasibility Study is published.

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By the time a child enters Kindergarten, their brain is 90% developed. Early Childhood Educators have the unique opportunity to support learning and social-emotional development when it matters most. They play a crucial role in building the brainpower of our youngest residents!

-Petra Puls, Executive Director First 5 Ventura County
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