Doctorate in Educational Leadership for Equity and Justice (DELEJ) Admission Requirements


The DELEJ program will admit students on a cohort basis each summer. Their first task will be completing a pre-residency course on the use of Canvas and other tools necessary to online learning. They will next attend their first one-week summer residency on the CSU Channel Islands campus where they will upload all necessary software to their computers, experience bonding and rapport building exercises, receive an orientation to the program course work ending in dissertation completion, meet professors and program advisors in-person, and begin course work on their first course EDD 701 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Justice in Education. The program and course work emphasizes applied research, theory, and practice in the field. The courses cover all the leadership core content, research methodology, specialization options, and dissertation research implementation.

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In compliance with Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations sec. 41020,an applicant will be admitted with classified graduate standing to the DELEJ program leading to a Doctor of Education degree established pursuant to Section 40511 if the applicant satisfies the requirements of each of the following numbered criteria:

(1) holds an acceptable baccalaureate degree earned at an institution accredited by a regional accrediting association, or the applicant has completed equivalent academic preparation as determined by the appropriate campus authority.

(2) holds an acceptable master's degree earned at an institution accredited by a regional accrediting association, or the applicant has completed equivalent academic preparation as determined by the appropriate campus authority.

(3) has attained a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 in upper-division undergraduate and graduate study combined; and a 3.5 grade point average in graduate study.

(4) is in good standing at the last institution of higher education attended.

(5) has demonstrated sufficient preparation and experience pertinent to educational leadership to benefit from the program according to the admissions committee.

(6) has met any additional requirements established by the Chancellor in consultation with the faculty and any additional requirements prescribed by the appropriate campus authority.

An applicant who does not qualify for admission under the provisions above may be admitted with graduate standing by special action if on the basis of acceptable evidence the applicant is judged by the appropriate campus authority to possess sufficient academic and professional potential pertinent to educational leadership to merit such action.

An applicant who is ineligible for admission under the either provision above because of deficiencies in prerequisite preparation that in the opinion of the appropriate campus authority can be rectified by specified additional preparation, including examinations, may be admitted with graduate standing. The student shall be granted classified graduate standing upon rectification of the deficiencies.

Only students who continue to demonstrate a satisfactory level of scholastic competence and fitness shall be eligible to continue in Doctor of Education programs.

Meeting these minimum requirements qualifies an individual for admissions consideration but does not guarantee admission to the program. Admission is granted on a competitive basis.

Required Application Materials

To apply for the Doctorate in Educational Leadership, you must submit the following materials:

    1. Complete The CAL State Apply Application
    2. $70.00 university application fee
    3. One Set of Official Transcripts (Please submit transcripts to University Admissions and not to The School of Education) Transcripts must be received by application deadline, no exceptions.
    4. Three (3) Professional/Academic Letters of Recommendation
    5. Current Resume
    6. 2 Short Written Responses, click here for information on the essay prompts
    7. A statement from the applicant's employer, indicating support for the applicant's doctoral studies; or a statement from the applicant, describing the applicant's plan for meeting professional responsibilities and the demands of the program.

Applicants may be invited to participate in an Interview with DELEJ faculty.

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